Arpanam: Ritual Registration System

A multi user facing application to manage the registrations, operations and admin activities for Linga Bhairavi temples across the globe.

About this project

Summary and Highlights

This is a registration system built for scale, to handle thousands of ritual registrations that happen during special days in the Hindu Lunar Calendar and also through out the year across all Linga Bhairavi temples across the globe. Also, to conduct day to day operations by multiple users with various roles ranging from admins to office volunteers.

Intelligent UX Design

Users can find and register for multiple rituals across multiple dates with just a few clicks and pay in one go.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Which supports everything From setting up rituals, managing availability, obtaining daily stats, to sending prasadams with tracking.

Form Builder

No development is required to launch a new registration form. Forms can be configured with a few clicks and deployed instantly.

Configurable Automation Modules

Each new ritual has a different type of manual work involved. Configurable modules made automation possible without development.