Proctoring for Inner Engineering Online

Proctoring system for online version of The Isha Foundation's flag ship Inner Engineering program which gets thousands of participants each month.

About this project

Summary and Highlights

Inner engineering online looks like a well designed video course platform, with a sophisticated custom AI assisted proctoring system which is a combination of technologies like two way streaming, image processing, custom video encodings, etc, as what is being offered here is a spiritual practice. So the participants had to be closely monitored

Custom Proctoring System

Built for this is extreme robust, works well in areas with low internet connection and is more than 10X cheaper than ready-made solutions/services

Custom Video Encoding

Is used for the video streams of participants for proctoring which greatly reduces the data transfer costs.

Automated Virtual Rooms

Enables thousands of videos streams of participants to be assigned to hundreds of proctors seamlessly.

AI Assisted

Each proctor is tasked with monitoring 15+ participants. We built Eye detection, face detection, etc to alert the proctors if participants are not attentive.


The story of Inner Engineering Online

Inner engineering was a flagship program offered by Sadhguru (Isha Foundation) Across hundred of center in india and abroad. In early 2020 due to COVID-19, the centers had to shut down. With no end in sight to the lockdowns, the program had to be taken online.

The challenge is that Inner Engineering involved imparting of a spiritual practice, Participants had to be in the right kind of ambiance and had to be absolutely attentive. Which meant we had to have a proctoring system in place.

Why a custom proctoring solution?

One of the major reasons for building it ourselves was the running costs. Ready made solutions and services had a lot of running costs as they were generic implementations of proctoring. By customising and optimising from a video streaming level, we were able to optimise the solution to bring down the running costs by ten fold. Also, the estimated time lines for a custom proctoring solution by other more well known software firms was over 6months. We managed to complete this within 6 weeks.

Over 6k participants initiated into Shambhavi online. A momentous step toward creating a ConsciousPlanet. Only by spreading consciousness in the world can we know true wellbeing. May you know the bliss of inner wellbeing. Blessings to all the volunteers.