Sadhguru Exclusive: OTT Platform

Is a full fledged OTT platform loaded with all the features present in the globally leading OTT platform and more.

About this project

Summary and Highlights

Sadhguru Exclusive was our first project with the Isha foundation. Building a full fledged OTT Platform is quite a task for most developers, but not for us. However, the challenge was that this product was to be built with React Native and to be integrated seamlessly into the Sadhguru app which was built on native stacks back then. Not only did we accomplish the task but also did it with in a 30 day deadline.

Superb UI

Sadhguru Exclusive is one of the most aesthetic OTT platforms out there.

Feature Loaded

Offers almost all features found across leading OTT platforms

Lightning Dev Times

The whole project (V1) was completed in a blistering 45 day time line

Impossible Integration

We integrated a product entirely built in react native into a natively build app which was considered near impossible back then.