Time Framed: Gifting website for Space Lovers

This is a simple yet powerful e-commerce website that is a testimony to our aesthetic and design capabilities.

About this project

Summary and Highlights

Timeframed.art is a simple yet powerful e-commerce website which lets users create and customise posters depicting the planetary position on any selected date. Users can choose from multiple themes, customise the contents and have them delivered to their door step.

Aesthetic Design

From landing to payment, the whole site is beautifully designed with tastefully done micro animations

WYSIWYG Poster Editor

Users can customise their poster in real time and see an exact preview of that they're gonna get.

Accurate Planetary Positions

Using astronomical algorithms we managed to determine the exact planetary location for any date.

Fully Custom Built

The whole site (full stack) is built from scratch without dependencies like shopify, etc for full flexibility.

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